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Anti-Splash-Bowl - Hygiene waterproof Feeding Bowl

Anti-Splash-Bowl - Hygiene waterproof Feeding Bowl

  • Playfully Refreshes Your Dog
  • Easy To Fold, Store And Reuse
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  • Designed with plates and water overflow holes, this slow feeder effectively prevents pets' mouths from getting wet and yellowed, ensuring their comfort and hygiene.
  • The waterproof frame and floating plate design also prevent overflow, making it easy to clean and maintain
  • With its large capacity, this pet water basin provides enough water for your furry friend throughout the day.
  • The automatic adjustment floating plate slows down water intake, preventing choking and vomiting, and promoting healthier drinking habits. Not only is it functional, but our pet water basin is also versatile.
  • The excellent splash-proof design ensures no overflow even on rough roads, making it suitable for various vehicle environments. It's also perfect for use at home, office, studio, outdoor travel, and other activities.

Keeping your pet hydrated and maintaining a clean and tidy space has never been easier. Choose our Pet Water Basin for a convenient and hygienic solution for your beloved pet.






Type A size: 225mmX185mmX78mm ; Capacity: 1.5l (with bottom non-skid pad)

Type B size: 190mmX181mmX80mm ; Capacity: 1L (without bottom non-skid pad)

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