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SteamyBrush - 3-in-1 Brush Set

SteamyBrush - 3-in-1 Brush Set

  • Gives Your Pet A Shiny Coat
  • Catches 78% More Hair
  • Massage Tool For Relaxing Your Pet
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Instant Results: Captures 78% more hair while brushing!

Have you tried combs that barely capture hair? Or are you tired of seeing hair flying around your room when you brush your pet? 

No more such issues with our SteamyBrush, which collects more hair and keeps them sticky to the brush so you can easily remove it afterward. 

Our Comb with the unique electric spray function doubles as a massage tool, providing your pets with spa-like relaxation while keeping their coat shiny and healthy.

Here is how it works:

🐾Our SteamyBrush is infinitely reusable. Just recharge it via USB or refill some water if you need to!

🐾Enjoy a clean and shiny coat on your pet by using the integrated steam function during your brushing session.

🐾See your stress-relieved pet love the treatment of the massage!

🐾Suitable for cats and dogs.

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