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"SuperSplasher" - Dog Water Sprinkle Pad

"SuperSplasher" - Dog Water Sprinkle Pad

  • Playfully Refreshes Your Dog
  • Easy To Fold, Store And Reuse
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Get your dog a playful refreshment this summer!

🐾 Are you looking for the perfect gift for your dog this summer? Our "SuperSplasher" is ideal for engaging your furry friend on these hot summer days! Place down the pad, and see your puppy having fun with the water sprinkles.

🐾 The "SuperSplasher" doubles as a great alternative to your swimming pool! Since it is funny for dogs (and kids), you can easily invite your friends over and have a dog party anywhere!

🐾 Light & Portable: "SuperSplasher" can be folded, transported, easily stored and carried everywhere.

🐾 Safe and durable: "SuperSplasher" is made of environmentally friendly PVC material. It is free from BPA and plasticizers. "SuperSplasher" provides an anti-slip structure for risk-free use. Safety is our No.1 priority.

Here is How it works:

🐾 Easy storage and set-up: Plug it into a garden hose or PVC tubing and you will get a blow-up pool. We recommend adjusting the water pressure to control the height of the water stream. When finished, drain the water, wash the mat, and hang it over to dry.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend trimming your pets nails before using the mat, to avoid damage or scratch marks on the pad.

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